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Distorted | Allouche Benias Gallery

Distorted, group show, Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens

31 March 2022- 27 April 2022


Allouche Benias Gallery invites seven artists into an intricate dialogue on the perception of idols and the myth that surrounds them.Each of the artists is presenting their own reality, filtered through a distorting lens, depicting a visual satire of contemporary society. The depictions stop being projections of reality and become a separate realm of symbols which exist regardless of reality. “DISTORTED” is an unfolding story that implies more than what it narrates.


S.O.S. Space Occupied Space

S.O.S. Space Occupied Space, private collection

Is the occupation of space, as an action, a medium that alters the state of the space or the state of the occupier?

Considering the innate tendency of the man to occupy more and more space around him through his presence, actions and ideas, and in combination with the geometric growth of the globalized system, there seems to be a need for action in relation to the trend since it becomes apparent from a glance at the world’s problems that its continuation confirms its impassable course.

The S.O.S. “Space Occupied Space” project presents a series of works that investigate the above question through a different visual and critical attitude towards the modern world, making use of scientific data research by global organizations, thereby overcoming an emotionally charged artistic approach of the problem.

The project consists of works depicting the symbolic occupation and transformation of a globalized consumer symbol, such as supermarket shelves, into a platform for informing the viewer through statistics and data on issues that concern the modern world such as poverty, warfare, climate change, immigration, education, women’s rights, freedom of speech.

The purpose of the project is to act as a wake-up call to the viewer using symbolically the existing and invasive space as a field of artistic action of activism that is part of the global mobilization of artists over issues that concern the modern world.